Pact stands for Protection, Advocacy and Cultural Team. PACT members serve a multi-function post as someone members can go to for help to navigate the club, for advice, for someone to talk to. They also serve to keep an eye and ear out for things that the club can do better. While we have three PACT representatives (female identified, male identified and Francophone), members are free to approach whichever they wish and feel comfortable talking to.

PACT often serves as a liaison between the general membership and the officers. They can help DCs and members with member retention, making suggestions as to what has worked elsewhere and what hasn’t been tried. They can help members with bringing forth matters to the attention of officers for disciplinary investigations. They can help a DC or member access club resources.

General Duties of PACT members

  • PACT duties are often more general than specific. The office is both proactive and reactive and highly flexible.

  • Listen for opportunities to improve the club and its functions.

  • Help members navigate the bureaucracy.

  • Offer to help mediate disputes between members when necessary

  • Keep track of club resources, existing or potential and aid members in accessing them.

  • Engage members in meaningful conversations to promote a healthier club culture.

Contacting PACT

PACT Francophone

PACT Female