About Us

Welcome to Canada at Midnight, a fan club for the World of Darkness series of Role-Playing Games

Back in March of 2019, members of Canada at Midnight took part in a radio show/podcast about the club and the event. You can listen to it here.

Canada at Midnight is an organization dedicated to the enjoyment of the fictional worlds created by White Wolf Publishing. We run large scale shared campaigns, called “Chronicles” for LARP events set in the World of Darkness. Members can portray their character any of the live events or online via email lists, and IRC or Discord based games.

Each year we host our signature event – the Canadian and International Event or CAiNE. At this event we run a variety of events, hold a charity auction, socialize and hang out with the many friends we’ve made from all over the country.

Charity Work

We are a registered Not For Profit in Canada and we use our events to raise funds for various charities. Over the last two decades, we have raised thousands of dollars for a variety of charitable causes. We donate time and blood to Canadian Blood Services and we work with charities in our local communities.