Canada at Midnight Code of Conduct

As members of Canada at Midnight we agree to abide by this code of conduct at all times.


1. We are a group of adults and behave honestly and responsibly. We will use common sense and maturity when involved in club matters. The spirit of the rules is more important to us than the letter of the rules. We will be honest with officers and other members at all times.

2. We will make the club a safe and welcoming community. Harassment or discrimination of any type is not tolerated.

3. We adhere to all applicable laws when involved in club matters. The law always takes precedence over the By-Laws and the Member Handbook. Actions during club functions that break the law may be grounds for club disciplinary action as well as other appropriate legal action.

4. Our real life responsibilities always take precedence over club matters. We understand our games are works of fantasy. If the line ever starts to blur, we must stop and speak with a club officer, and take whatever time off from club events is necessary to put things back in proper perspective.

5. We are safe during all club activities. For safety reasons, weapons or weapon props (with the exception of props strictly following the Prop Policy in the Member Handbook) at the discretion of the onsite coordinator), stunting, blood drinking and similar items or actions are never allowed during Club Activities. This list is not exclusive – any other activities a club officer judges likely to cause physical harm are not allowed at events. All physical contact must be explicitly consensual.