Canada at Midnight Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of five members who guide the direction of the organization.  Each Director is elected by the general membership to a one year term

National Officers (Non-Board of Directors)

Canada at Midnight has a few National Level Officers who work on behalf of the organization as a whole but are not Directors.

Sid Néron Perron

National Tech Administrator

Appointed: August 2022

National Assistants

In order to assist the Directors with the various aspects of the organizations there are numerous National Assistants who handle things.  This can range from venue specific game oversight to administering our tech presence to marking our member standards and more.

David Attwell

Chronicle Lead - Mage the Awakening

(Tattered Veil) 

John Scott

Chronicle Lead - Dark Ages

(2020 Chronicle) 

Chris Wadkins

Chronicle Lead - VtM: V5

(Good Intentions Chronicle)

Canada at Midnight Trustees

The Trustees of Canada at Midnight are members that have been granted the trust of the organization due to significant contributions to the organization as a whole.  They serve as a group of advisors when called upon by the Directors, officers and general membership.

Chris Fougere

David Fox-Procenko

Hugh Montgomerie

Indrani Mahadeo

Jody Lemoine

Kelley Barnes

Leanne White

Kim Hosmer

Corrigan Cassidy

Chris Hermann

Frank Marcelli