It has been one month since nine lights fell from the sky, meteors that illuminated the entire earth as if it were the middle of the day before shattering into a thousand pieces. That was the First Anomaly. Then, rumours began spreading about more anomalies. Someone had an aunt who said she was having strange dreams lately. She was saying she could see the electricity running in her circuits. Later on, they found her home burned down with no sign of her. There are reports in the paper of a man with blossoming branches growing out of his skin. Doctors don't know what to make of it. For some of the Awakened, the story went that the mages of the Pentacle won their war against the Exarchs and their servants… mostly. The claim went that "they" stormed the heavens and threw the Exarchs out after. With a little clean-up left, it would not be long before Humanity would finally be free. The problem is that the lot who went to fight in the heavens haven't been heard from.