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Canada At Midnight

A World of Darkness Fan Club and Live Action Roleplaying Community.

Founded in 2002, Canada at Midnight is a World of Darkness Fan Club that hosts live action roleplaying events in six domains across the county as well as a Discord based online role-playing game.

We provide exciting, interconnected stories set in the worlds of Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and the Chronicles of Darkness games from White Wolf game studios. In 2020 we are launching our first Vampire: Dark Ages game and after the book is released by By Night Studios we'll be launching a new Changeling the Dreaming game.

Currently for Masquerade and Apocalypse we use the LARP rules from By Night Studios.

We are also a registered Not for Profit corporation that uses our games and events as fundraising opportunities to improve our communities at a local and national level.