What is Larp?

A LARP (live action roleplaying) game is mashup of traditional pen and paper roleplaying games and improv theatre.

In these games, you create a character that fits the game you want to join and then once your character is defined, you portray them at the session.

In many ways a LARP game is like theater. You wear costumes, do makeup, make dramatic decisions, forge alliances, get into shenanigans etc. All based on the character’s motivation and their story so far. There is no “writer” telling you how to act or what to say. You decide, on the spur of the moment, how your character would act or react using your character sheet, background and history to inform your decisions.

It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but that feeling passes quickly as you make friends (in and out of game). In Canada at Midnight we encourage our members to help mentor new players, both in character and out of character. If you’re new to LARPs or Roleplaying Games in general there will be somehow who can show you the ropes.

Many of us feel that this Live Action Roleplaying is one of the most exhilarating experience games or theater can provide. Its mix of theatrical grandeur and game aspects (where you want your character to succeed as best they can) is unique.